Educational Program

Psychological Support

Development and improvement of emotional intelligence, social contacts and relationships, enhancing self-esteem of trainees, psychological support both for themselves and their families, and solving problems related to their daily life, their relationships to their families and their social environment.


Medical monitoring of the progress of the beneficiaries that are integrated into the Unit's programs as well as updating the medical history of each person. Personal and group sessions with the beneficiaries themselves and their parents and guardians respectively.

Social Skills Development and Socialization Programs

Improving the functionality of trainees at personal and social level, developing their communication capacity, connection of the Unit with the community.

  • Skills acquisition program in the supply of products, which aims: to develop social skills, ability to obtain, the ability to "identify, select and buy from the market, money transaction”, but also the development of social skills inside and outside of the shopping area as well as traffic safety education.
  • Socialization program (acquaintance with the local community), with outings and visits to shops, workplaces, services, church attendance and other activities.


Occupational Therapy program

Performed at individual and team level aiming at the organization and implementation of occupational therapy - employment program for the direct beneficiaries.

Physical Therapy program

Depending on the needs of each recipient provided through individual and group programs:

  • advisory physiotherapy
  • balance exercise program and coordination of movements
  • training in daily activities to avoid accidents and falls

Sports and Entertainment Program

The purpose is not necessarily the performance, but the combination of entertainment and improvement of physical health and wellbeing of trainees according to their capabilities and needs.

  • Dance Group: aims at exercise, sports, leisure and familiarization with music and rhythm of traditional Cretan dances and musical instruments, with a view to developing perceptual skills (visual, auditory perception and basic coordination skills as well as the appreciation of aesthetic elements of movement).
  • Painting Group: aims at learning to distinguish, separate and combine colors, copy and design shapes, use a brush and paint with water, for the creative expression of students.
  • Leisure time activity program, which is aimed at those trainees, who are not able to operate in all workshops and anyone who wishes to participate in singing, discussion, painting, if they are free from the regular program.

Self-Assistance and Health Program at individual level

Educational program aimed at identifying and understanding the functions of the various organs of the human body (distinguishing male - female, disease prevention, healthy nutrition, obesity, physical - oral hygiene, care).

Theatrical play – Encouragement program
The aim is to active and free the imagination, to raise awareness of and cultivate psychomotor expression of each individual. Through “role play” and sensory kinetic action, the person can express him/herself, his/her needs, desires and difficulties.

Computer Program

Training in processing, printing documents, surfing the Internet and other basic computer functions.