Governing bodies of the Association are:

a) the General Assembly

b) the Board

c) the Auditing Committee

The Board of the Association ”AGAPI” was constituted as a body on Monday, April 6, 2015 after the elections that took place on Monday, March 30, 2015.

President: Metropolitan of Rethymno and Avlopotamos Mr. Eugenios.
Vice President: the Priest Nikolaos Nikiforos
General Secretary: Ms. Eleni Moschona
Treasurer: Mrs. Maria Dokimaki-Palafouti

As board members the following Mrs. were elected,
Zoi Fragiadaki, Agorasti Morali-Tsouderou and Ioanna Chrysou,
Representative of the Regional Unit of Rethymno Ms. Kalliopi Kladou-Douloumpeki
Representative of the Municipality of Rethymnon Mr. Grigoris Tsiompikas.
The new board of the Association, which consists of nine members, will have a four-year term.

Scientific Director of the RESIDENTIAL – DAY CARE CENTER for people with disabilities “AGAPI”
The psychiatrist, Mr. Dimos Fotopoulos